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To start an online mini importation business in Nigeria is not difficult. If you probably think you need to have hundreds of thousand to start importation business in Nigeria! May be you are wrong.

I want to assure you that with as low as N10,000 you can start importation business and make huge profit within few months. You just need to be educated about this business and go about it the right way.

Recently, it happened whereby a product of N200 (33yuan) from China made my uncle over 1million naira in profit. In this case, one the product was sold for N15,000 in Nigeria.

One of the things you should be on the look-out for is fast selling products, or you can call it hot products

If you can have access to these products you’re 80% successful in your business.

The question now is this, what do you need to start this lucrative importation business in Nigeria?

To get started you need the following

A personal computer (PC) or Smartphone
Fast Internet Network – Modem, Mifi etc.
A valid email address.
Valid and traceable home address where you can receive the item you will order.
Some few cash to get started (as little as N10,000 and higher)
Get a PayPal account to buy your products (needed in some cases)
Open a US bank account with Payoneer
Understanding of Mini Importation business in Nigeria
Importation business simply means buying products from overseas at a very cheap price and resell it at a high price. Meaning is simply buying and selling.

Let me make this clear, Mini importation does not necessarily mean small importation. It all depends on the size of your pocket. You can import product as high as 10million and resell it to make over 200% profits.

Likewise, you can buy products as low as N10,000 and make profits of over N50,000, to say the least.

Follow this simple steps:

Search for Products (i.e. fast selling products)
Buy from a reliable supplier
Pay for your selected products
Choose product delivery
Finally, market your Products
Sell your Products and make money.
Step 1. Search for Products
The first thing you need to do if you want to embark on this journey is to source for your product. Here is what you should know. Most of the supplier’s website are China-based.

Why China? China is the number one source for hot and fast selling products around the world. You can call it an international warehouse or manufacturer.

Please look around you I’ll bet 80% of the product around you are produced and coupled in China. Your flat screen, phones, generator, freezers even the popular Apple products are all coupled in China.

These are the China-based websites to import from:

What you need to do now is head over to the above website and create an account with them. Also, make sure you confirm your registration.

After registration, browse around the website and check for products you can buy and resell in Nigeria.

Step 2. Buy from Trusted Supplier
Before you make a purchase from any supplier make sure you check the feedback score and rating for that supplier. You can scroll down below the products to read customer reviews on the product you want to buy

The feedback rating is a powerful measure invented to protect customers from buying counterfeit products. You can always check if the supplier delivers as promised.

In addition, make sure you always go through the product description. Check the delivery methods, I will advise free shipping, its always good if you’re willing to wait.

Also, check the sellers guarantee on the products before you ship them. All these are usually at the bottom of every product page.

Step 3. Pay for your selected Products
There are many channels through which you can pay for your products, but they differ with suppliers. Some suppliers allow Mastercard or Visa card payment, some PayPal or Alipay. Payment for goods are now easier and this shouldn’t be a problem to you.

In case you’ve paid and you never receive your products?

These websites have some measures in protecting their customers. You can call it “buyers protection” or also known as “Escrow”.

Once you’ve purchased the products you want to ship, instead of paying straight to the sellers’ account, the websites withhold the money.

The money will then be released once you receive and confirmed the product to be what you order.

Occasionally, when your product happens to be different from what you order there is “Dispute form” that you can fill, and your money will be reimbursed.

Step 4. Product Delivery
Delivery of your products usually comes in two ways. This includes:

Free Shipping – usually slow but increase profits (between 14 to 60days) but most time it’s usually delivered between 20 to 30days. The service company can be China Mail Air Post or Hong Kong Mail services.
Premium delivery – these deliveries are usually done by DHL, EMS, and FedEx. Although it might be expensive compared to free shipping but its always faster and safer. (between 3 – 5days)
Please note that while using the free shipping method you should always endeavor to put your phone number. This is because they are always delivered at the nearest post-office close to you. With this, you can be easily contacted whenever your shipment has arrived.

Mess Around with Dates. It’s obvious that the prices will always change with dates and season. Very fast means more money and slow means less money. So, mess around to save yourself some cost.
Remove Excess Packaging. After your first delivery go through your shipment and notice unnecessary packages that you can avoid the next time. This will help reduce the size and weight of your products.
Step 5. Market/ Advertise Your Product
This is the most important aspect of the business. Its one thing to successfully order your product and it’s another thing to successfully market them. Nobody is going to know about your products unless you take it to them.

There are ways you could market or advertise your products … they include:

Brick and mortar retail
Word of mouth
Handbills or flyers publicity
Local Ads. e.g. Magazine, newspaper
Internet marketing etc.
One of the best ways to make most of your marketing is to create a squeeze landing page for your ads. What I mean by this is collecting their email addresses because some might be interested but not having money when they see your ads.

Collecting their emails will serve as a means of reminding them of your products. You can use GetResponse for this purpose, its free to start with.

Step 6. Sell your Product and Make Money
Finally, once you are done with the marketing, obviously potentials buyers are going to start rushing your way if you’ve done a good job.

For the latter part, you need to work with some courier agent to deliver your product and collect your money on your behalf. Among them are:
Courier plus
Austin Dispatch etc. or a quick google search on logistics companies in Nigeria may just do!
Some of them will require you paying a certain fee to get started while some are free.

In conclusion, you should have it at the back of your mind that every business has its own ups and down. One of ten of every order might be returns from your customer but that shouldn’t discourage you. The profit margin will definitely cover up

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